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Most people regard Asia as the origin of martial arts, though it is not actually the birthplace of all the arts. But, it can’t be disputed that many of the most popularmartial arts originated from the region – karate, kung-fu, hwa rang do.

The martial arts can be refers to as both art and science. The term “art” is understood to be the process of making beautiful things and the term “science” is understood to be a methodological discipline, activity or study. Despite the fact that these two definitions are right, i prefer the contributions of an unknown poet: “Art is a passion followed with discipline science is a discipline followed with passion”. At their most elementary level, the martial arts are simply strategies to stop people from hurting or killing you. At their topmost aspiration, the martial arts are pathways to self-knowledge as well as expression of beauty.

Martial arts are not just about fighting but also about discipline. Before you can become an expert in martial arts you need to work harder, be persist and more consistent than others. Individuals are constantly searching for something to challenge them and get them ahead of the rest.

Self-defense is still the most crucial skills to have, especially in a world that has become physically hostile. You have to guard the most essential thing you have – which is your life. Without it every other thing is meaningless.

The Perception behind the Martial Arts

• Our primary objective is to make use of the body to learn how to master the mind. After you have mastered the mind you will find no desire to ever fight.

• One of the most precious gifts of martial arts practice is getting to know yourself externally and internally.

• Martial arts training help in learning to handle difficulty/adversity. That is one of the things that set it apart from doing things such as yoga.

• “The years guide us much the days never knew” Ralph Waldo Emerson

• In true martial arts, regardless of if you are faced with circumstances, you can remain calm and make the perfect choices in that situation.

• Through the practice we discover what we think and exactly why. What shapes our beliefs and values and then we can step back and view it with more of a pure mind.

• Consistent effort from time to time is required to attain greatness in anything.

Martial arts Techniques

Martial arts tactics come in various sizes and shapes. There are empty-hand tactics where the practitioner has no weapon. These usually entail kicks, strikes and grappling techniques. There are different techniques for different weapons—knife, stick, blunt as well as other edged weapons. There is also self-defense and disarming techniques where the practitioner is basically attempting to defeat an aggressor.

Martial arts techniques also involve “softer” techniques, like meditation, breathing exercise and chi-disruption techniques.

The philosophy of martial arts centers on self-discipline, knowing yourself inside out and using your body to learn how to master the mind and so on. To learn more about martial arts visit prime taekwondo school in Lee’s Summit Missouri

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