How to earn White Belt ?

White Belt


  1. Basics and Stances-Attention, Bow, Ready stance and Front stance
  2. Punches-Horse riding stance: Punch x 1 (yell), Punch x 2 (Tae Kwon) and Punch x 3 (Tae Kwon Do).
  3. Blocks – Low block and Outward side block
  4. Combinations – Low block + middle punch,

                                         – Middle block+ middle punch


1-Front kick

2-Front-leg side kick

3-Round-house kick

Form (Poomse):

Kibon poomse (1~8)

One step sparring:


Board breaking:

Front kick.

Korean Terminology:

Attention (Cha-Riot); Bow (Kyung-Nae); Ready stance (Choon-Bi) ; Return to ready stance (Bah Ro); Return-to attention (Shi-Yot); Taekwon; Taekwondo; Thank you sir (Kam Sha Hap Ni Da Sir).

Black belt philosophy: