Basics:   Basic Combinations 1~3

  1. Crossed down block, right punch, back leg front kick and jumping front kick


  1. Cross high single knife hand block, left hand side punch in horse-riding stance, front leg side kick and double roundhouse kick


  1. Left palm block, right punch, left hook punch, right upper cut and right leg front kick


Jump 360 ˚ back kick.

Form (Poomse):

Tae Geuk 6 Jang

Self defense:


Free sparing

Head kick allowed in a controlled manner

Board breaking:

1-Elbow strike;

2-One step forward and spinning hook kick.

Korean Term:

Spinning hook kick (Dwi Dolrya Cha Gi); Ax kick (Neh ryuh Cha Gi); Crescent kick

(Bahn Dall Cha Gi); Jumping front kick (Tdwi Yeuh Ap Cha Gi).

Black belt philosophy: