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What are differences between Taekwondo and Karate

show6Whenever someone considers learning martial arts, they often have a question about "How are Tae Kwon Do and Karate different?" Or, "Which is better?" To answer this, we'll start by saying that both are excellent forms of martial arts training and each offers numerous benefits. The main principles of both Taekwondo (or Tae Kwon Do) and Karate emphasize on self-discipline and a high code of personal conduct. Both forms of martial arts have a sport competition aspect which however makes up only part of the entire curriculum. So, how are they different?
  • Taekwondo emphasizes kicking techniques, while Karate focuses on hand strikes.
  • Taekwondo = Korea. Karate = Okinawa, Japan (with roots from hand fighting in China).
  • Prearranged sequences of techniques, generally known as forms, are referred to as Poomsae in Taekwondo, and Kata in Karate
  • Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic sport.
  • The specific postures, stances, and movements differ significantly between Taekwondo and Karate.
It should...
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What is Taekwondo?

show3Taekwondo (or Tae Kwon Do) is an extremely developed system of fighting skills, which is a very scientific martial art as a Korean traditional one. However, the Taekwondo is not to be confined in the concept of fighting skills. Taekwondo spirit includes the “DO” which advances both mind and life, and you can find this in the etiquette and mind training. Taekwondo is also a martial art that was developed as a worldwide sport today. In this manner, Taekwondo can be defined as a scientific fighting skill inclusive of a good training method on mind and body, which is a worldwide sport at the same time. Taekwondo has been developed almost all the way along with the flow of Korean history for a long time. And since the history of Korea was much influenced by another countries around with its influences over them the development of Taekwondo was...
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